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Qufu Normal University Law School was officially inaugurated in 2006.Its precursor was the Department of Economics,Law and Political Science.The law major was established in 1995. Qufu Normal University is one of the earliest universities in Shandong province that established the law major. The Law School makes great emphasis on academic innovation and talent cultivation.

The Law School has a faculty with outstanding strength. There are 34 full-time faculty members, including 2 professors ( 1 PhD candidate supervisor), 14 associate professors, 15 teachers with PhD at home and abroad, lawyer-qualified teachers up to 80%.Besides, the Law School also invites 95 Adjunct Professors from celebrated scholars and practical specialists.Many faculty members obtain a lot of projects supported by social funds and publish high level academic papers.

The Law School further improves the ability of cultivating talents with the diversity and applicability of the training modes.At present, there are 1202 undergraduate students and 49 master's candidates.In order to strengthen the communication between law schools,the Law School has built sustained and steady relationships of exchange and cooperation with Chung Cheng University in Taiwan since 2010.The Law School won the fist award in Qufu Normal University Youth Teaching Competition in 2012,2013 and 2014,and obtained the Outstanding Organization Award in the second session of “Study the Constitution to Speak the Constitution ”in Shandong division in 2017.

The Law school provides students with good environment and conditions. There are five teaching and research centers in the Law School with 43 practice bases, 3 laboratories(moot court lab,criminal investigation lab and comprehensive training lab) and 2 institutes (Education Law Institute and Regional Jurisprudence Institute).The law library is equipped with a rich collection of books and resources,which enable the students and faculty to keep up with the pace of the legal developments.

With great passion and determination, the Law School is committed to cultivating more all-round legal talents and building a better law school.